Birdie Chic • No Pictures Please

Another picture where I was feeling myself a little too strongly!  I totally do know what the occasion was but I have to say I like this ensemble!

The gold details on the purse, shoes, necklace and jacket help tie the look together surprisingly!

Sometimes you just got to bust out and try something new!

Jacket + Button Up: J. Crew // Jeans: Old Navy // Shoes: Tory Burch // Purse: Aldo // Sunnies: MinkPink (Nordstrom)

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My parents had this lying around in the basement.  Just chilling … nothing special.

Except that is special!  The most special thing EVER!  It’s super heavy though … I LOVE IT!  Some of the keys stick but it’s not a problem.

I looked it up and some people are paying top dollar for this sucker and others like it!

My favorite bloggers, like Jessica of The Lovely Side, and my favorite YouTubers, like Claire Marshall, all have decorated their apartment with sophistication of a typewriter.

I feel slightly cooler because I didn’t have to go far! *jk

Between this and my record player, I feel like my apartment is the perfect mix of modern technology and throwback style!

Birdie Chic • Flawless

Man oh man, was I feeling  myself on this day!  You couldn’t tell me nothing – I know that’s a double negative but I am quoting the cocky one himself, Kanye West!

Sometimes you just got to strut your stuff.  Sometimes you feel like your crap doesn’t stink!

… then you awake to reality!  LOL, either way, I feel great!

I even did my make up!  What do you think?  Sassy?  LOL

Blazer: unknown // Shirt: New York & Company // Shoes: Madewell // Jewelry + Pants: J. Crew

Check back every Friday to see what outfit I come up with next!  :) More Birdie Chic posts!

Mundane Mondays …

Man oh man, has this summer been EXTREMELY stressful!

This summer really challenged me both mentally, emotionally, physically, academically, and professionally.  I feel that it was more trialing than the beginning of 2014!

There have been times where I have been counting down to the weekend only to realize the work week is going to start again!

To get out of this slump, I did little things for me.  Like 2-3 times a week, I do Zumba.  I get my nails done twice a month (a good manicure does wonders)!

I couldn’t completely check out, but I could do a little bit to bring my spirits up.

Have you ever gotten like that?  What have you done to get yourself out of a slump?