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My Life | September Favorites

Accessories | Coach Tote

You know Nessa loves her Coach!  This tote literally symbolizes everything I am and who I want to be! LOL, It is sturdy and it holds everything!

Game | GTA V

This game has made 1 billion dollars on it’s first week so something tells me it’s doing pretty well.  Even if they don’t need my endorsement, this game is AMAZING!  I want to play it all the time, but I can’t.  Shucks!!

Fashion | Ellen Tracy

I absolutely love my jewelry organizer and my blazer from Ellen Tracy.  I had no idea that I was becoming such a fan of hers!

Decor | Effiel Towers

I am so obsessed with Effiel Towers as decor and accessories.  I had one on my phone but the charm broke.  I have one on my dining room table – that just committed suicide and fell to the floor (it cracked but I am going to get some glue ASAP).  I have one on my keys.  Basically, you see the obsession.  They are a reminder of where I am going to visit – one day! :)

TV | Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows – yes, with one episode!  I am excited to see what happens next!  I love the witty banter!


Social Media | Twitter Mentions

I got some blogger celebrities to show me love on my post related to J.Crew … I told you J. Crew brings out the best! :)

Even the great and popular YouTuber Nikki Phillippi tossed a mention regarding my post!

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you totally should! :)