My Life | September Favorites

Accessories | Coach Tote

You know Nessa loves her Coach!  This tote literally symbolizes everything I am and who I want to be! LOL, It is sturdy and it holds everything!

Game | GTA V

This game has made 1 billion dollars on it’s first week so something tells me it’s doing pretty well.  Even if they don’t need my endorsement, this game is AMAZING!  I want to play it all the time, but I can’t.  Shucks!!

Fashion | Ellen Tracy

I absolutely love my jewelry organizer and my blazer from Ellen Tracy.  I had no idea that I was becoming such a fan of hers!

Decor | Effiel Towers

I am so obsessed with Effiel Towers as decor and accessories.  I had one on my phone but the charm broke.  I have one on my dining room table – that just committed suicide and fell to the floor (it cracked but I am going to get some glue ASAP).  I have one on my keys.  Basically, you see the obsession.  They are a reminder of where I am going to visit – one day! :)

TV | Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows – yes, with one episode!  I am excited to see what happens next!  I love the witty banter!

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Social Media | Twitter Mentions

I got some blogger celebrities to show me love on my post related to J.Crew … I told you J. Crew brings out the best! :)

Even the great and popular YouTuber Nikki Phillippi tossed a mention regarding my post!


♡ Playstation 4 Revealed ♡

I looked on twitter because my phone was completely going bezerk and it was my boyfriend:

The next in line 2nd generation consoles is here and it’s the Playstation 4 – which means it’s time to sell those PS3s to get in line for this sucker! There is tons of coverage on it; here’s a couple of my favorite reviews:

I have seen the coverage and the reviews and I have to say that I am looking forward to see what Playstation will bring to the table. Sony has to redeem itself (well in my opinion). With the PS3’s high price point, the PSN hack, and popularity of the Kinect, Microsoft was the better option. I am Team Xbox and I will always be, but Sony out of the gate has set the bar pretty high. I believe Microsoft will match it, if not surpass it.

Some awesome features to look forward to on the PS4:

Get excited; it’s going to be an exciting battle in Holiday 2013! Are you getting one?

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Tech | Social Media Week 2013

As a social media ambassador for NSCS and a student, I have realized that social media is much more than intagraming your lunch or tweeting your pet peeves. It’s important to see how social media can be more practical and professional. Social media is not going anywhere; to be an informed participant, you can participate in things like Social Media Week.

Social Media Week is a collection of cities that do various presentations about a variety of topics. The great thing about technology is that you are able to watch and participate without flying to Miami, Hamburg or Tokyo! Some of the interesting presentations will be streamed live for your viewing pleasure!

This is a video that I did awhile ago about Social Media Week:

Check out other events and presentations I have done:

Get into the conversation by following the hashtag #smw13; there are some presentation-specific hashtags. You can also download the app; integrate with your calendar so you can get alerts when you desired presentation is going live.

Have fun!

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evol of game

♡ My Life | No Pause Button ♡

Sorry I didn’t send this sooner – my week has already been crazy!!  However, this past weekend was exciting, exhausting, and fun!  I cannot even contain it sometimes! =)


I saw my niece go to her first Daddy/Daughter Dance.  I remember going to these dances with my dad and it was such a magical date.  Dads sometimes get a bad rep, but when you have a good one, you cherish them forever!

Afterwards, I had a special date with the boyfriend as we watched an animated Batman movie – it was better than some real-life actions movie!


Saturday was a busy day!  I actually loved it!  At first, I presented for P.O.W.E.R. Organization!  It was a great opportunity for me to share my love of video games for the next generation of game developers!

Then I watched one of my staff members be crowned Miss LTU 2013!  She is super deserving of it and I am proud of both of my staff members for putting themselves out there!  After all that excitement, I watched some folks play Gears of War 2!

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Wrapping Up 2012!

So baby New Year is knocking on the door … It’s time to see the awesomeness of this year thanks to social media and YouTube!

YouTube Rewind 2012

Some of my favorite YouTubers are here making complete fools of themselves.  Not to mention it’s a mashup between PSY and Carly Rae Jepsen.  Enough said.

Filmography 2012

Genrocks has done awesome work with compiling all of some amazing films and iconic moments.  My boyfriend would LOVE this!

DJ Earworm 2012 MashUp

This was a good year for boy bands, catchy tunes, and dance jams!

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