Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas | nessabirdie ♡

I have been to my fair share of bachelorette parties.  I wanted to share with you, future brides, bridesmaids, maids of honor, etc., that you can still have fun with a bachelorette party without breaking the bank!

The last bachelorette party was my BFF’s Bachelorette Party a year or so ago!

I hope this gives people helpful tips when planning the last single night for the bride!

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Birdie Chic • Shopping the Closet

I mentioned in a previous Birdie Chic that it is important to shop the closet.  New combinations could mean a totally new outlook on your outfit!  This is another great example!

The safari/cargo jacket has been featured SEVERAL times, but it is purely amazing!

Scarf: Brokedown Palace // Skirt: New York & Company // Sandals: Express // Cargo Jacket: Khols

Check back every Friday to see what outfit I come up with next! :) More Birdie Chic posts!

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My parents had this lying around in the basement.  Just chilling … nothing special.

Except that is special!  The most special thing EVER!  It’s super heavy though … I LOVE IT!  Some of the keys stick but it’s not a problem.

I looked it up and some people are paying top dollar for this sucker and others like it!

My favorite bloggers, like Jessica of The Lovely Side, and my favorite YouTubers, like Claire Marshall, all have decorated their apartment with sophistication of a typewriter.

I feel slightly cooler because I didn’t have to go far! *jk

Between this and my record player, I feel like my apartment is the perfect mix of modern technology and throwback style!

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Bird’s Eye View • June + July 2014

So I am going to try to do some compilations of my life via photos, whether they are from my phone or my camera. I think this is the best way to get a perspective on my ‘not so normal’ life! Welcome to a Bird’s Eye View! :)

Getting ready to play #videogames! 🎮

You know you are into social media and blogging when…

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