Wishlist Wednesday | The Everygirl Shop

I am in a constant state of wanting and wishing for things. I have a problem! So, to try to curb my impulsive purchases, I am going to share my wishes and wants with you! :)

The Everygirl, my favorite online stop, has recently revamped their website and added a shop!  Uber exciting! So, in honor of thus joyous occasion, I am going to list all the gorgeous things I am going to get (as soon as I get paid)!


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VEDA | Hopes & Dreams

I have so many hopes and dreams … my video would be so flipping long if I posted them all!  But I decided to separate my professional and personal hopes and dreams because they are two sides of the same coin.

Sometimes you have to speak your dreams aloud so that they can become a reality.  I hope this is the case for me! :D

Inspiration | The Everygirl Quotes


It’s easy to get frusterated with the world and where you are in your life – it happens to me all the time. But fortunately, there is a place that can be constant inspiration and that is the Everygirl. I absolutely love their website. I am so OBSESSED. My goal is to either be featured in the Everygirl or to work for them. I could settle for both, too. :)

A frequent feature on their website is a feature of a successful woman in a special career. It could literally be anything; from photography to public relations, Danielle and Alaina (the founders) shines light on their success. What I particularly like is when there is an amazing quote lying on top of an awesome photograph. I don’t know what it does, but it gives me a burst of inspiration and excitement! Below are a few of my favorites!

If you want to see more inspirational sayings, quotes, and memes, feel free to check my Inspirational Sayings Pinterest board! Also, make sure that you read, follow, like, etc. The Everygirl – you won’t be disappointed!

Decor | My 1st DIY

So I am super proud of myself because this weekend was my first DIY experience! Mind you, it’s not something super high tech, but I am still proud of myself anyways!

I have been bitten by this decor bug … I am not doing anything SUPER big, but I want my apartment to look like a home. I don’t want people to think that because I live on campus, doesn’t mean that I cannot have a home. I just have to work a little bit harder to get my apartment to that point. I also have to invest in pieces that I am going to like 2-3 years down the line (I can be fickle at times).


Since I got my home office to a great place. I will probably add more wall art – because I love gallery walls and things like that! It’s so COOL! But I am now working on my bedroom. I have some things in mind what I want to do but I wanted to paint this first! I have a lot of little moments and things in my memory box that I could put on my bulletin board over my head. I can look up and be inspired by memories of simpler times! I may go back in my memory trunk at home and get some pictures of my K-12 days or MSU days!

Secretly, I have always been apprehensive about doing DIY projects because as a kid, I remember doing arts and crafts. I would work hard on a vision and then I would turn to the person next to me and their’s was SO much better than mine. Then I would try to replicate their creative vision in the mist of my failed attempted and it would just turn out UGLY (in my opinion). Even watching beauty gurus and home decor wizards do their thing on YouTube made me nervous because they were professionals and I was a novice. My mom eased my concerns and I dove into what is now my first DIY project.


I had paint left over from when my apartment was painted. The color worked nicely in my bedroom (way to pick complimentary colors). I went to Home Depot and bought some inexpensive (under a dollar) 2 inch paint brushes. While watching Jerseylicious, I taped the cork, matted my workstation (aka the floor) and began to paint.


It didn’t turn out as hideous as I expected. As you can see that some of black is peaking through; in a way, I like it. It makes the frame look more distressed and old. I may or may not go through another coat of paint.

I am no longer a DIY Virgin! LOL, now I looking at new things from Mr. Kate and other YouTube DIY-ers to see what else I can do!