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June Fitness Update

Get Up

Calories Burned:  18 (Average)

I did a poor job recording my progress this past month.  Ugh!  Maybe I will get it right this month! (:

Steps:  2,664 (Average)

Work Out Activities: 

I did my usual but I was off towards the end of month I did Cardio Barre.  I absolutely loved it!  It was so much fun!  I wish they had more classes available – I don’t want to get up at 8 am on a Sunday!


I got a Gear Fit 2 recently because I love being able to have an accurate account of how many steps I took and how many calories burned.  It works perfectly with my Note 3.  I love that sucker!

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May Fitness Update

Get Up

Calories Burned:  472 (AVERAGE)

Steps:  6085 (AVERAGE)

Work Out Activities: 

I have been working out but as many know, it is what you eat not necessarily your work out. I have been pretty good when it comes to working out but I am definitely fighting against myself.

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Wishlist Wednesday | Bike & Bike Essentials

I am in a constant state of wanting and wishing for things. I have a problem! So, to try to curb my impulsive purchases, I am going to share my wishes and wants with you! :)

I used to ride my bike around the beautiful Michigan State campus my first semester.  Winter happened, my bike died (it rusted horribly) and I didn’t do ever again.  I have wanted to get back on the bike, but I stop myself for some reason. I want to do stuff like this:

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Health | March Fitness Update

I need to be eating like this for the REST of my life!  I consumed so much food it was crazy – I did do some activities but not a lot!  This is my March Madness! :)

Get Up

Calories Burned:  322 Calories (Average)

Steps:  4922 (Average)

Work Out Activities: 

I pretty much do Zumba ALL THE TIME.  Whether it’s the Zumba workout game or an actual class, I am shaking the fat right off (in theory).

I have been walking around a lot more.  It does help that I have to walk around to get my laundry and things like that.  Convience at times can equal laziness.

I have also been dancing around my apartment like it’s 1999.  I have been watching a lot of 80s teen movies (which are literally the best movies EVER) and getting inspiration on the carefree awesome routines!


I am back on track!  Man, last month was a bit rough for me both mentally, emotionally, personally, professionally, academically, just basically a mess!  However, I have slowly gotten back to my goals and making sure that I am focused!  Not to mention, my male bestie asked me to stand in his wedding in November.  I will be a groomsman in a dress.  This is exciting!!! I have to make sure that I am super FLY! (:

In other related news, I totally did something to the ball of my foot.  It’s hard to walk it and in turn, it’s hard work out in it.  How do you heal a cut on the ball of your foot when you walk practically EVERYWHERE!

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Health | January Fitness Update

Happy New Year folks! 1st day of 2014!

My Jawbone has been acting up again – I am a little sad about it because it wasn’t too long ago, maybe 4 months ago, that I had to get a new one.  I am looking into getting another pedometer, but right now, I am using S Health app on my Note 3.  It doesn’t link up to MyFitnessPal, but I am still going to enter and transfer things over.

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Health | December Fitness Update

Happy New Year, World! :)

I totally forgot to do an update in November!  I was doing so well … but I feel that I did even better in December!  I was walking a lot more and I remember to put on my Jawbone Up a lot more.  I definitely saw results of being more active and out of my chair  It was awesome!  :)



Get UP

Calories Burned: 65,555 Calories

Steps: 116,334

Work Out Activities: I did a little bit of a whole lot!  Whether it was Cardio Barre, Yoga, or Spin class, I kicked butt and took names!

  • 43m of Cardio Barre; 181.0 calories burned
  • 1h 4m of Cardio Barre; 26.87 calories burned

Status: With my family having surgeries and having additional responsibilities, I would say that I was walking quite a bit!  Towards the end of the month, I exceeding my walking goal of 10,000!  I felt really proud of myself.  I want to keep that up for January because I notice a difference.  A large contributing factor was the fact that I finished another academic semester and I have 2 weeks off.  With the time off, I was able to focus on getting in some work outs.  

Eat UP

I am incorporated more water into my diet again.  I still drink pop because of the holidays (I am allowed a SLIGHT treat every now and again, right?).  I keep a water bottle handy and I drink as much water as humanly possible (which is not a lot compared to the average person)..

Overall, I feel like I did a great job this month!  I hope to keep it going for the beginning of 2014! :)

 It’s not about dieting, it’s about having a healthy lifestyle.  That lifestyle is definitely a journey.  Check out my other fitness update posts!