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Bring Modani for the Holidays

November 14, 2014

I dress a room like I dress myself; I identify key and timeless staples and add fun accessories to make it my own.  This is probably why I enjoy picking clothes out for myself and changing the look of my apartment.







The sofa is your little black dress for any area – with the exception of the bedroom :).  If I was being realistic with myself, I would choose this black sectional sofa.  It goes with everything and can withstand the accidents that I may do.

But if I want to make a statement and pack a punch, I am opting for this Monaco sofa in white!  It reminds me of a crisp white Oxford shirt: classic and timeless.  No matter what accessories I toss on there,  I can reset and have a great base to try something new! Continue Reading…

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August 6, 2014

My parents had this lying around in the basement.  Just chilling … nothing special.

Except that is special!  The most special thing EVER!  It’s super heavy though … I LOVE IT!  Some of the keys stick but it’s not a problem.

I looked it up and some people are paying top dollar for this sucker and others like it!

My favorite bloggers, like Jessica of The Lovely Side, and my favorite YouTubers, like Claire Marshall, all have decorated their apartment with sophistication of a typewriter.

I feel slightly cooler because I didn’t have to go far! *jk

Between this and my record player, I feel like my apartment is the perfect mix of modern technology and throwback style!