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Apartment Tour Inspiration

April 5, 2015

It’s that time of year again: Spring Cleaning!  Every spring I feel the need to try to change up my decor space.  The primary step is to clean it and throw things away.  However, once that’s done, I would like to get my apartment to match my style.  I always told myself if I could go back to school again, I would totally be an interior designer/decorator.  I used to hate this stuff, but now, I see my home as another opportunity to show off my personality!

With that being said, here are some videos of my inspiration:

I love Jenn Im’s house.  It is a very clean vision with quirky knick knacks.  I love the gold wire diamonds on the ceiling.  I also love the amount of closet space she has; I like that she is able to categorize her clothing.  For me, I love to have all my clothes in my bedroom, but I guess if you have the space, use it! :)

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Bring Modani for the Holidays

November 14, 2014

I dress a room like I dress myself; I identify key and timeless staples and add fun accessories to make it my own.  This is probably why I enjoy picking clothes out for myself and changing the look of my apartment.







The sofa is your little black dress for any area – with the exception of the bedroom :).  If I was being realistic with myself, I would choose this black sectional sofa.  It goes with everything and can withstand the accidents that I may do.

But if I want to make a statement and pack a punch, I am opting for this Monaco sofa in white!  It reminds me of a crisp white Oxford shirt: classic and timeless.  No matter what accessories I toss on there,  I can reset and have a great base to try something new! Continue Reading…