Mundane Mondays …

Man oh man, has this summer been EXTREMELY stressful!

This summer really challenged me both mentally, emotionally, physically, academically, and professionally.  I feel that it was more trialing than the beginning of 2014!

There have been times where I have been counting down to the weekend only to realize the work week is going to start again!

To get out of this slump, I did little things for me.  Like 2-3 times a week, I do Zumba.  I get my nails done twice a month (a good manicure does wonders)!

I couldn’t completely check out, but I could do a little bit to bring my spirits up.

Have you ever gotten like that?  What have you done to get yourself out of a slump?

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Wishlist Wednesday | Bike & Bike Essentials

I am in a constant state of wanting and wishing for things. I have a problem! So, to try to curb my impulsive purchases, I am going to share my wishes and wants with you! :)

I used to ride my bike around the beautiful Michigan State campus my first semester.  Winter happened, my bike died (it rusted horribly) and I didn’t do ever again.  I have wanted to get back on the bike, but I stop myself for some reason. I want to do stuff like this:


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