My Life | Resolution Update: Healthier

December 19, 2013

Just like I made the resolution to be more organized, I made another to be healthier.  My resolution may not reflect solely on the scale, but I definitely feel a little different – maybe even better!

Healthier Options

I love quick and easy meals – let’s face it, I am as lazy as they come, but I have found ways to still be lazy with cooking but still healthy.  Earlier this year, I gave up pop.  Even though I am back on the creamy crack (stress of finals), I don’t feel as dependent as did.  I can taste the difference and I make sure that I do not go under again!!  🙂

Work It

I actually like to work out!  Before my sister’s back surgery, we went to the gym every weekend to work out.  Now that she can’t go with me and I have additional responsibilities, it makes it harder.  I have to make the time though.  I may not be able to do the classes, but I should be able to get on the ellipitical or the treadmill or maybe even some WEIGHTs?! 🙂

I hope to improve upon this for 2014, my last year in my 20s! Eeeek!

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