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July 8, 2013

This holiday week(end) was a lot in my world. Everything that could happen, did happen. It was completely bananas.

Wednesday was just like any other day that I had off.  I went to the dentist, got a free tooth brush – life was good!  It was until I heard my sister say that my mom had to go the hospital.  For me, hospitals are unnerving, even as an adult.  It is like the Tower of Terror for me.  My mom is fine; she was released the next day, but boy oh boy, that shot me up to the mayor of Stressville.

Thursday was another tough day; I said bon voyage to my boyfriend of two and a years.  He is going on with big things in his life and I am doing the same.  No bad feelings, we are still friends, but circumstances are not in our relationship’s favor right now.  Don’t worry people; I am not sitting at home watching the Notebook on repeat, screaming at the television, “why can’t that be me?”  I am also not watching Waiting to Exhale, wanting to burn somebody’s car.  I am just … okay.

What did lift me out of my spirits was my niece.  She is an absolute superstar and I am one of her biggest fans!  I thinks she is one of mine because we spent a lot of time together this holiday.  We had a slumber party on Wednesday night – I realized that my niece can party harder than I can (that’s really sad lol).  We sat next to each other when we went to Kona Grill for my big sister’s birthday dinner celebration!  She is the little sister that I always wanted, I just got her a little later in my life.  She makes me feel like I am super important with her big kool-aid smile on her face!  I want to remember that face forever.

Sunday, which marked the last day of my 5-day vacation, I started the work week early and went in for a couple of hours … and did laundry.

How was your holiday weekend?  Was it as eventful as mine?

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