My Life | My Cousin’s Wedding

April 22, 2013

These past couple of days have been completely bananas!  I am so excited.  This weekend my cousin married his girlfriend of 7 years.  They finally made it official!

{Pre-Wedding Stuff}

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I am someone who take their schedule VERY seriously – maybe TOO seriously.  If I have an agenda when it comes to replying to you or getting things done, then I am going to follow it thoroughly.  I am also going to be stressed if people do not follow the plan accordingly.  (Every time my best friend comes into town or I visit her, I type an agenda and to-do list.  Just ask her.)

With that being said, my hairstylist as a little tardy to the party.  I couldn’t get a hold of her because her phone was messed up.  This pushed my timeline WAY off.  Even with that being said, I still made it to the church only 30 minutes later than the bride wanted.  I think she could live with that.

I am glad that my hair turned out okay as opposed to a hot mess!

{Wedding Ceremony}

I had the esteemed honor of walking with my cousin’s two older brothers.  I loved walking with them!  The two of them banter back and forth which made it easier for me due to the next part of the wedding.

The wedding was simply beautiful in the church.  Personally, I was completely about to pass out in these 4-inch heels she made us wear!  I couldn’t even handle it.  I think there was a moment where my legs were shaking and I was sweating like a stripper in church.  It was unbearable, but luckily, I made it through (it was rough though).

After I burned those shoes (really, I gave them to my sister), I was excited to put on my Cheetah Girl flats and get the party started!

{Wedding Reception}

Everyone knows that I am a super ham – if you didn’t know, now you do – and my groomsmen cousin and I were a fool when we were introduced!  The food was good; definitely filling.

I gave a speech to my cousin and his wife.  There were technical difficulties with the mic and I decided to practically belt my congratulatory words and blessings.  In summary, I stated that I wasn’t blessed with a brother so I go the next best thing with him and I am happy to see him happy.

After all the mushy stuff, my cousins and I decided to completely embarrass my aunt by singing loudly and horribly Boyz II Men’s song, Mama.  That moment was flipping hilarious because her face was so priceless.  You could tell that it made her feel a little bit more at ease.


I also realized that I loved hanging out with my cousins and other family members.  It was literally so much fun.  I love my friends – they are the people who you get to choose in your family, but it is a true blessing when you actually enjoy spending time with them.

Afterwards, my family went to the Marriott downtown in Detroit.  Our view was absolutely disgusting (not really).  You could see Canada perfectly from our window.

All in all, I am super excited for my cousin.  I hope that one day I will know what it is like to have someone be willing to spend their entire life with me (make sure you pray for that person, ya’ll).

If you want to see more pictures, don’t be afraid to check out my instagram account.  There are literally TONS!

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