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#ootd • don’t you forget about me

January 31, 2016


i haven’t been posting that many #ootd and i am definitely going to make it up.

i have been looking through my closet and i have been seeing a lot of neutrals … mostly black, white, grey, navy, etc.  for someone who loves color, it may seem dull, but as i said before, you can dress it up and make it pop like no one’s business.

even though this outfit is full of basics, i look like i could have came out of the breakfast club or sixteen candles – basically any movie with a teenage molly ringwald! 

back to the outfit, everything is a mix of proportions.  the pleated bib tunic (which is unfortunately sold out online) and the blazer are oversize and long.  the boots are above the knee. even though items are slightly a little longer or larger, the outfit as a whole works!


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Shopping Online with Dollar General

January 22, 2016

now, i have thrown shade at shopping at the dollar store.  i don’t know why, but i thought that i was above it for some reason.  society makes you think that if you spend more money than the next person, you have made it somehow.  now, as a single woman, i have realized that no one is above shaving a buck or two!


so when i got an opportunity to check out my neighborhood dollar general, i jumped at the chance.  i was pleasantly surprised with the options and the savings! :)

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Office Essentials

January 12, 2016

blogging is not my full time job. it is a hobby that i [sometimes] get paid to do.  my full time hustle is a 9-to-5.  there are moments where it’s lots of fun and other times where it isn’t.  but that’s most jobs right?

what gets me through is my cute lovely desk.  i know, i know, when it goes to getting the job done, it doesn’t matter what your desk looks like.  however, for me, it helps me stay focused when i have cute things to look at.


i love having momentos and inspirational quotes around me. also, i have added little things here and there to show my personality at my desk.  i was always told to not make your space look temporary.  move in and make your stamp.  this way, the company can see your committed to your space and them through your actions.

color just brings me life.  i don’t know what it is but i just love how different colors bring out different aspects of your personality.  in my space, i tried to minimize the amount of bright colors because i don’t want to be distracting.  also, i learned from one of my favorite blogs, the office stylist, color be another from of clutter.  i decided to go with a mint/tiffany blue.  there are few items that are spot on the color i love.  others may have more blue or green than i would like but it still works!

you saw what i carry in my work bag, now let’s read further to see more about my office essentials!

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