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On My Bird Brain #1

June 21, 2015

1. #PrayforCharleston

There are no words to describe my feelings regarding the victims on the Charleston Shooting.  Unfortunately, this happens way too many times in our country and around the world.  I should have to excuse myself because I am black.  You will just have to get over it.

Kevin Finn's photo.

I was chosen to speak at event at my main hustle.  It was extremely nerve-wrecking to say the least; however, I am glad I was among some great company.  I was fighting back tears.  This was probably one of the hardest things that I had to do.  Hopefully, my words conveyed the emotion I felt regarding this tragedy, previous tragedies, and tragedies that unfortunately will come in the future.

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#OOTD • Tell Me Whatcha Want …

June 17, 2015
Banana Republic Sprty Top

so i haven’t done a post regarding about my OOTDs in a long time.  part of the reason is because i don’t want to take pictures of a junky room.  that’s just not hot.  the other is because i wasn’t too sure that my clothes were all that inspiring or noteworthy.  but then i went shopping and i got inspired again!

i got this mesh inset sweatshirt for the low at Banana Republic.  i didn’t know it was a sweatshirt, but i had to get it because of the material and it’s super sharp!

for pants, i opted for my gap workout leggings.  they are great because they have this shiny detail that makes them look like a pair of lulu’s without the price point.

what is super funny is that melissa maker from Clean My Space and i were twinning hardcore!