5+ Things I Learned in #GradSchool

May 3, 2015

Since I shared the things I learned in undergrad, I thought that it would be fair to share the things I learned in graduate school.  I am excited to graduate with my friends and have my family support me.  Even though I will still have some work to do (I want to get my certificate … kaching kaching), I did not want to wait and celebrate this occasion!  So, here we go!
1.  Different School, Different Experience, Different Person

The things I did to pass in undergrad were not going to work for me in graduate school.  I was a different person in grad school.  Not only did I have school, but I also work 9-5 (sometimes 9-9-9-9 lol).  I also had relationships that I wanted to maintain as well.

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5 Things I Learned in Undergrad

May 1, 2015
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1. You Can Always Redefine and Reinvent Yourself

2. Money is the Root of All Evil – If You Let It Be:

3. Real Friends are Found Here:




5. You are the Only One Who Can Validate Yourself