vegetarian week 1

April 13, 2016


i tried putting chia seeds in my water – the serving size of two teaspoons (or tablespoons).  it was a bit much for me.  the seeds gel into something that looks like microscopic bacteria.  the change makes it easier to swallow but i am not a fan at all.

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40 days …

March 29, 2016

i made it. I didn’t shop for 40 days – there may have been a few exceptions but nothing i was ashamed about.

i learned a lot about myself through this process.  let’s go to the top!

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March 6, 2016

 yup, it’s official world, i’m 31.  The celebration was fantastic, i loved being around loved ones!  

it all started in my office.  i got an amazing gift of love, candy, and a mood display (it’s on the right saying rocking). i had a big event that day so i could do anything really that evening.
the great news is that my best friend, aireale, came into town! she was here to celebrate another buddy’s baby but it all worked out!



it’s so crazy to think that i have been friends with the ladies for 10 years.  talk about blessed!  


my girlie being here was a surprise and it worked out perfectly! i had to keep it a secret which was REALLY hard to do.  


then the turn up began!  it was so cool to see a mix of my awesome coworkers and college friends!  


my family surprised me with Beyonce tickets for my birthday.  yup, i’d be jealous too!  

i love this picture!

  sparta never dies! 


all in all, my birthday was fantastic!i am so appreciative of everyone donating their time to spend with little ol’ me. 

2016 is off to a really great start! 

Underneath the Suit & Tie: @TommyJohn

February 24, 2016



my daddy used to take me to daddy/daughter dances when i was a kid.  i would look all cute in my dress but my daddy is who stole the show!  his suits perfectly tailored and freshly pressed.  his accessories bouncing back light and radiance to all who stared.  my daddy showed me how men could come dressed to impressed!

when i was in high school and sang in choir, i would love to see the guys dress in their tuxedos.  the basses and the tenors looked great regardless of my feelings toward them.  the guys matched the way they sounded, like dapper gentlemen.

when i got to college, i didn’t see that much opportunity for dressing up like that.  just because i didn’t see the opportunity, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t there.  i just may not have been apart of the cool kids to see it first hand.  even if i did, the guys weren’t wearing dress suits.

now that i am older, attending weddings, i see the tuxedos coming out a little bit more.  it makes me all giddy inside!

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Packing Smarter, Not Harder

February 21, 2016

i am a pro at packing for travel; i know how to consolidate and make multiple items work.  (check out my work when i went to atlanta and vegas) but anyway, this is academic year is the year of travel.  whether its on a plane or an automobile (more like a van), it is important to be able to travel smarter, not harder.  here’s some tips that have helped me, whether i am going on a work trip or a fun trip with the girls!




i love carry ons – the smaller, the better! it forces you to evaluate what is really important.  it also allows for a little creativity!

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#Brablem Solutions by @thirdlove

February 14, 2016


they are the joker to my batman. the megatron to my optimus prime. in other words, my arch nemsis. i have felt this way for a long time. bras are great pieces of modern technology, but do they have to be uncomfortable. well, after reviewing third love’s website, i realized that bras don’t have to be walking torture chambers anymore.

thirdlove logo


many times, the problems, or what i like to call bra-blems, are ill fit. there isn’t one type of store that sells bras. many places sell them. it’s crazy to think that, i know.

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