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#OOTD • Be Black & Blue

November 22, 2015

the easiest way to look chic and put together is to do all black. it looks effortlessly polished. but for me, black can also look very drab and boring. i am not trying to play it safe! so I found two solutions: different textures of black and a pop of color.
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#OOTD • What Fall Looks Like

November 18, 2015

like most bloggers, fall is my favorite season.  i feel that you are able to take the most creative liberties in the fall.

i wore this outfit on the way home from a trip.  it was at the end of the october.  the weather in the midwest was awesome – not too cold and not too hot.  it was perfect for going to an orchard or the open road!

i kept my outfits for this trip extremely monochromatic.  i only brought white and black pieces because it was easy to pair.  my shirt underneath the vest is an chic sweatshirt from banana republic.  to recreate this outfit, you don’t have to have that same shirt; a plain black or white shirt would do.  you could even add a pop of color!

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my life

3 Lessons My Daddy Taught Me

November 15, 2015

my dad is 85. i know, i know, you’re jealous.  and you should be!  my dad has seen so much that I am even jealous! but luckily he has passed down some wisdom to me.

gotta love the ride
IMG_0659my daddy is a retired truck driver. many of our family vacations were spent on the road.  sometimes it was more fun getting to the destination than the destination itself! my dad has always told me to take it in and enjoy the ride, don’t rush.

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