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Inspiring YouTube Channels

October 4, 2015
insipring youtube channels

i love youtube.  i create videos – at least i try – but i love the community of creators and how they are presenting their unique spin on the world!  it’s inspiring (hence the title).  here are a few of my favorite youtubers that are in my subscription box.  feel free to let me know other channels i should check out!

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tech + social media


September 30, 2015

i am obsessed with wallpapers. i have my wallpaper change every 4 hours; i may need to change it to every hour because i slightly addicted. i have people at work on the wallpaper train, too.

below are my favorite places to get desktop wallpapers. please note the wallpapers on these sites are licensed pictures; it’s recommended that you don’t use them for commercial use.

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Differences Between Graduate School & Undergrad

September 13, 2015

i meant to do this post earlier, but i didn’t want to rush it.  i wanted to make sure that the content was good and helpful.  as i contemplate when I want to go for the PhD, i wanted to share with you some of my observations regarding the difference between undergrad and grad school.


in my 5 things i learned about grad school, i shared that i was a different person in grad school.  it’s so true.  i have different priorities to jungle and i am not a school elf any more. i want to do other things.

it’s important not to lose yourself.  classes and the level of work required is elevated so you want to pace yourself.


since the class sizes are smaller, you will get to know your classmates well.  my classmates and i are friends inside and outside the classroom.

also, many of the classes i took had a mix of undergrad and grad students. whether i liked it or not, the undergrad students looked up to me.  how does she take notes? how did she come up with that? my classmates who read this will probably say that i am fibbing, but i find myself doing it so i hope iam not alone!



what you wear is super important.  you may be the teaching assistant or the person leading the discussion.  either way, what you wear is extremely important.  whether you want to or not, your professor would be a high premium on what you look like.  to them, this will show how much effort you are going to put into your assignments.  if you are completely lost, here are some suggestions i did for dormify and a mini-lookbook.



you actually have to do the work. the professors actually expect you to do it, which is weird, right? but it’s not just doing the work, but it is also taking it to the next level. you are expected to interpret and reflect on the content.  an high school student recites; a college student reexamine; a grad student does all of those thing as well as exploit holes the argument.

some posts i have done talking about the awesomeness of graduate school.